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4 tips to stay healthy this autumn

November 11, 2016

I am really feeling the change of seasons this year in a good and positive way.  As you might have guessed, I love the summer – as in LOVE it – but I also love autumn! I love the smell in the air, the crisp mornings, and the beautiful colours of the changing leaves.

Autumn also signals a change of pace for me. Summer is fun and busy, and I find when autumn arrives I naturally start to hibernate and go inwards. It’s a time of self-reflection for me. To keep healthy through the changing seasons I focus on hydration, nutrition, exercise, and rest.


Drinking water in the autumn is just as important as it is in the summer. Your body needs just  as much water, especially when it starts getting really cold. Listen to your body, and be sure to hydrate it. Try drinking room temperature water with a squeeze of lemon. This requires the least amount of energy for your body to assimilate. The lemon also helps to stimulate digestion and flush toxins. During a detox you may want to add some cleansing additions to your water. Try adding some cucumber slices and fresh mint or slices of apple and a cinnamon stick – here are some easy ways make your own flavored water for detox and weight loss. Not only will you find keeping hydrated more enjoyable, you’ll also be receiving the cleansing benefits these foods have to offer.

Also, be sure to find yourself a nice reusable bottle. Did you know it takes 1 litre of oil and 3 litres of water to make one litre of bottled water?! Give the planet (and your wallet) a break and go re-usable with your water. I love the hydroflask, it comes in fun colours and keeps your water the same temperature all day!


I like to start each day with a smoothie, so I know I’m getting at least 3-5 of my 10 fruit and vegetables a day…and I love a supplement (or two, or three!) in there too.

At the moment I use a few handfuls of spinach, a whole banana, a tsp of almond butter (raw), some blueberries, maybe some cherries (frozen), a spoonful of soya protein powder, OMG Detox supplement, Baobab powder, moringa powder, and if i need an extra kick on that particular morning (my 18 month old Felix, is nocturnal) then I whack a bit of matcha tea in there for good measure. All whizzed up in my trusty NutriBullet with some coconut water, and/or coconut milk.

For the rest of my meals I try to fill my plate with 70% vegetables, and 30% protein. I also try and shop and cook with local, organic foods. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes soon, so be sure to check back!


Yoga, yoga, yoga!!

I don’t actually do any other kind of exercise since I am running around after Felix all the time! But if i did, I would get out for a run in the fresh air, preferably in the daytime to get some Vitamin D and oxygen in me. Or if it were raining, I would go to the gym and lift some weights.

Seriously though, don’t skip exercise even if it is ‘just’ yoga! Exercise is well known to release endorphins into your body, which in turn reduces stress. Keeping your stress levels low is KEY to staying healthy in the autumn and winter!

In our practice we believe that prana (or energy/life force/chi) enters your body through your breath. By practicing yoga you enable your prana to move around your body and remove blockages. So get on your mat and B.R.E.A.T.H.E…


Rest is very important, and it’s easy to forget to do in our busy lives. Now I don’t mean lie in bed all day here (even though wow, some days how much would I love that), I mean listen to your body.  If you are tired, have a sit/lie down!

Try not to commit to more than you can handle, and practice saying “no” sometimes! It’s ok, and sometimes empowering to say no and just do what you want to do!

We hope these tips help you to stay healthy this autumn, and we look forward to hearing back from you! Please leave your comments below and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


Isie  and Stacey xx

Isie Carter