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And 2 became 3!

June 02, 2017

Happy Friday yogis and yoginis!

As many of you have probably noticed, we have a new teacher on our team!! And as you can see we are really happy about it!

Let us introduce you to Jenna!

Like many people, Jenna was initially attracted to yoga for its physical benefits and was secretly obsessed with being able to perform the perfect headstand and saw any forearm stand as the ultimate challenge!

Her very first yoga class was with one of our very own - the lovely Stacey. Jenna instantly fell in love with yoga.  She loved the challenge and still remembers the giddiness she felt in achieving her first tripod headstand. Through experiencing these little physical accomplishments in her practice she was ignorantly unaware of what was going on behind the scenes. 

Through regular and dedicated practice she realised she felt calmer and more focused, on and off the mat.  It also helped her through some darker times by always enabling her to see the light.  It was then that she decided to become a teacher. 

Her dream became the ability to provide to others the wonderful gifts that yoga had given to her.  Towards the end of her training her very own teacher (the beautiful Isie!) asked Jenna to join the Yoga Pad Henley family.  She felt right at home teaching alongside the two women who had introduced her to this amazing passion, and very lucky that she now gets to work a job she absolutely loves. 

When Jenna isn’t on her mat she is busy mum to gorgeous 3 year old Josh, lives above a small country pub just outside Henley and is a practicing 80-20 vegan (probably 50-50 when being brutally honest with herself) with an unhealthy weakness for peanut butter.  

Isie Carter