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Hello World!!

November 11, 2016

We’re so excited to start our very own blog, so wish us luck! We plan to cover everything from yoga, our favorite recipes, healthy living, our travels and trainings, and more! So stay tuned…

To kick things off, here’s a little bit about us…

Isie is a native to Henley and loves the town and its people. She studied for a diploma in Art at the local college and gained an apprenticeship at a local jewelry studio to become a jeweler. She loves the arts, life drawing especially, and the beach. She loves to spend time in Devon, Cornwall, and Ibiza reconnecting with the sand under her feet and the sea breeze in her hair…what a hippy!!

Isie discovered yoga in 2000 whilst going through a period of change in her life. She found that it gave her focus and helped her remain calm in the midst of chaos. She religiously maintained her own practice and thought about teacher training many times over the years, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the time seemed right. And how right it was! If she hadn’t waited, she would never have met Stacey and their friendship would never have bloomed!

Since completing training, Isie has had a baby called Felix who enjoys practicing Ado Mukasvanasana!! And Felix loves his Auntie Stacey, so much that he assisted in her wedding 

Stacey was born and raised in sunny, Southern California. She spent her childhood in the water, swimming, surfing, playing waterpolo, and lifeguarding for the City of Newport Beach for 8 years. In her early 20’s she discovered yoga by accident. After moving to San Diego, she found a little studio that was offering power yoga classes and decided to give it a go. And that is when she fell in love with yoga. She tried everything from Ashtanga to Yin and everything in between.

A few years later she moved to London and decided that it was time to further her practice and take a teacher training course. There were 2 driving forces behind why she wanted to take this course, 1) she wanted to make some new friends in her new home, and what better way than to be locked into a 200hr course?! (And it worked!! We still joke about how funny that sounds today!) and 2) she wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the yogic practice and its benefits.

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Until next time _/\_

Isie and Stacey xx

P.S. If you’re around Henley on Saturday morning, join us at 10am for some yoga for the soul

Isie Carter